Interview with Numantra

Another rising Scottish talent with a grungy, bluesy niche? Winning formula, if you ask me. Meet Numantra…

Image credit: Ross/Numantra


Hiya Ross, how’s it going? 

Hi Imogen, it’s going great! Really happy with how things are progressing and I’m enjoying being part of the music scene in Scotland. Really seems to be on the up!

For sure! So many insane artists breaking through right now. So, let’s dive right in — how and when did you form Numantra?

Numantra was an idea I’d had for a long time. It was officially formed at the beginning of 2021. I’d always wanted to experiment with new ideas and Numantra has been a brilliant escape for me on a personal level. The process of making these tracks really is just recording how I’m feeling at any given time, whether I’m into hard rock, alternative or bluesy rock!

Which artists have had the biggest influences on your sound?

Certainly Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys and Black Sabbath, when it came to starting Numantra. Tonally, I used the debut album from QOTSA to sculpt how ‘For Myself’ and ‘No Inbetween’ sound.

Talk us through how your releases have been received so far. 

My debut single, ‘For Myself’, was a big one for me. It came from a lot of bottled-up stuff I’d been holding in for years and I thought it would be best to start there. Musically, it began with a drum track my friend Alex played while messing around at our band [Skelfs] rehearsal. I just started layering up some instruments and it ended up becoming the debut song. Was really fun to make.

‘No Inbetween’ was originally a riff I’d written in around 2019. I always knew I wanted to use it and it had many forms before its release back on 23rd July [2021]. Its lyrics are my own perception/experience of social media use and the positives that can be had by taking time away from it.

How has the past year been with the pandemic? What knock-on effects has it had musically? 

For Numantra, it’s not had too much of an impact, thankfully. I write, record and mix the songs at home and usually do this by myself, so it’s allowed me to retreat from the pandemic. I’m really grateful that it’s just begun for Numantra and already people, like yourself, are showing an interest and giving me an opportunity to live the dream!

Ah, well, you’re welcome from my side haha! What’s next on the horizon then? Can you tease any gigs or upcoming releases?

Yes! My next single, ‘Monkey Brain’, will be out on 27th August. I got absolutely obsessed with mixing during the release of ‘No Inbetween’, so I wanted to keep the ball rolling with this new one. Expect a bluesy structure and a bit of fun with the lyrics, too. Really looking forward to it!

Image credit: Ross/Numantra

Eager to hear Numantra’s tunes so far? Get on over to Spotify now. And while you’re at it, give Ross a follow on Instagram.

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