Artist spotlight: Normandie

The Swedish alt rock outfit, Normandie, basically deserve a spotlight feature simply for being a band I can’t stop listening to. Simple as that. While they present heavy, power-hungry tracks, my ears categorise each one as incredibly catchy generally, so they’ve more than ticked the box for that easy-to-enjoy quality. 

They were another recommended via Spotify radio, which was an algorithm-calculated fluke that significantly paid off — many of their streams will have come from me now. Guilty. Their signature blend of feisty riffs, metalcore styling, electronics and partially screamed vocals will surely whip up any crowd, not just those listening via the comfort of their ear/headphones. 

While they hail from Stockholm, Normandie are larger than merely local — they have a sizeable following across the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic, and will be playing the mighty Slam Dunk Festival later in 2021. Sure, they perhaps aren’t a household name, per se, but factoring them into your regular playlists isn’t a tricky task. And they’ve been slowly drip-feeding us acoustic versions of some of their recent hits, which are utterly gorgeous, too.

Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘Thrown in the Gutter’


► ‘Jericho’

► ‘Chemicals’

‘Bury Me Alive’ 

Original image via Spotify

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