‘loss’ — Treefingers — Album review

The Warrington music scene is overspilling with envelope-pushing new artists at present, and Treefingers — the solo project of Nick Pike — is among the crew. The multi-instrumentalist is very experimental, which has culminated in lots of different arrangements alongside the meatier hooks used on ‘loss’, this debut album.

The short introduction, ‘part one: STORM’, almost fades into what then follows. ‘control (it’s.all.subjective)’ is a shoegazy, slightly folky tune, which then leads into ‘foundations (one.last.try)’, a similar but slower offering. It’s also the first track that showcases the odd glitchy-style, electronic segment. 

These quirks between each of the offerings reflect not only various themes and the personal goings on of Pike, but his medley of influences as well — you’ve got Lorde, Everything Everything, PVRIS and more bundled up in there. Even the naming conventions of the songs are a bit unorthodox, which adds to the eccentricity. 

If that sort of niche is up your street, ‘part two: MOURN’ is where even more techniques have been dabbled with and the experimental electronics and sounds are pushed forth. That’s also why ‘perspective (you.cast.a.long.shadow)’,  ‘chances (slipping.away)’ and ‘part three: HOPE’ really stand out. Meanwhile, there are shake-ups throughout. Simple piano keys assume a sombre tone on ‘bonds (emancipation)’, and tinkling notes are the base of ‘life (a.hospital.room)’. 

If you only download one track, let it be: ‘chances (slipping.away)’

Image via Spotify. Original artwork credit: Treefingers

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