‘Waiting Rooms’ — Enfers — Single review

A coming of age track is almost a rite of passage, so it’s only right that the third storming single from emerging Leeds-based indie-pop band, Enfers, is just that. ‘Waiting Rooms’ is a thought-provoking follow-up to their two prior punchy singles, and this piece carries a hell of a lot of weight.

The wistful pitch of the vocals align with the jangly guitar riffs, all while exploring themes of stumbling upon new personal ambitions and drives. It traverses the realisation that stacking shelves in your early twenties won’t tick the fulfilment boxes indefinitely; there’s much more on the horizon and it’s there to be grabbed. That yearning is projected particularly well in the utterly dreamy, sing-along-if-you-know-it chorus.

There’s nothing but energy piercing through this track, so it’s one to hear immediately on Spotify. It’s also the next instalment from the quartet before their upcoming EP, ‘Come When They Call Labour’, comes out. Until then, you’ll catch Enfers over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Enfers. Image credit: Polina Kosele

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