‘helluvatime’ — HYYTS — EP review

A nostalgic, wistful and reflective collection of refined tracks make up HYYTS’ new EP, ‘helluvatime’, which is, incidentally, exactly what you’ll have when you play it.

The seven-track offering commences with the almost diary-entry-style verses of ‘Outro’, a marshmallow-soft piece that has a tangible laugh-or-cry realness. In fact, each and every lyric is articulate on this EP, in the rawest sense. You’d be hard pushed to pen anything as honest and to-the-point as ‘Avalanche’ or ‘Hold On Cowboy’. They’re delicate and raise a smile, but they also both boast a deepness veiled in whimsy. They’re so well done.

Throughout, the gentle electronics lift the Glaswegian duo into the realms of sheer, glossy pop, and these seven bops are way too palatable to pass up or not utterly rinse. You’ll be spinning these songs fervently, over and over again.

While ‘Bad Tattoo’ and ‘Blue & White’ have been successful, super-catchy singles, they still go down really nicely when you hear them part of the full EP. But as surprises go, ‘Kinda Need You Here Tonight’ — one of tunes we hadn’t previously been served — couldn’t be better. Again, the no-frills storytelling is applaudable, while the dreamy melody stitches it together. 

‘Intro’ then fades it all out. And, there you have it — an absolutely stellar, unapologetic pop record. 

Original image via Spotify

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