New release roundup 04/06/21

June’s already off to a great start — and here’s why…

  1. Awake — Enfers
  2. Better Days — The A.V. Club
  3. Have It Up — John Parry
  4. NO SWEAT — cleopatrick
  5. Hot N Heavy — Jessie Ware
  6. Don’t You Feel Amazing? — Trash Boat
  7. Talk About It — Jungle
  8. Dracula — Artio
  9. Thin Air (Alternative Version) — Citizen
  10. Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life — The Avalanches ft. MF DOOM
  11. Nah It Ain’t The Same — Greentea Peng
  12. How Can I Make It OK? — Wolf Alice
  13. Glidin’ — slowthai ft. Pa Salieu
  14. Feel Good — Chet Faker

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