Inside the mind of… Static Satellites

We can’t really support and promote Static Satellites enough here at Record Weekly. So, we’ve taken a dive inside the mind of their guitarist, Ally, for some insight into venues, instruments and lockdown hobbies…

If you could choose one dream worldwide venue to play, what would it be?

I would love to play Benicàssim one day as my dream overseas gig. But, really, the only place I’ve always wanted to play the most is the Barrowlands in Glasgow. It’s the place I’ve seen so many of my favourite bands, so it’d be incredible to finally get to perform there.

What are the band’s hobbies outside music?

We’re all massively into football, with the majority of us being Celtic fans, though Sam is the lone Hibee. We’re all looking forward to the restrictions easing and getting back into stadiums instead of watching games on streams. Although, Celtic have been so horrendous this year it’s probably better if we could turn it off and go and do something else…

Is there anything you picked up during any of the lockdowns that you want to continue going forward?

I wish I was coming out of the pandemic with some kind of useful skill, but I’ve been working through the majority of it so I’m literally just coming out a little heavier and with my brain melted, thanks to working from home for months and months. I’ll probably never take being in a band and playing tunes with the boys for granted again because I’m seriously missing playing gigs and doing weekly practices. But we’re moving in the right direction, so hopefully not too much longer before the fun can begin again.

If you could instantly be a whizz at a new instrument, what would it be?

I’d personally love to be able to play piano well. I used to do lessons but never bothered my arse practising and picked up the guitar instead. We’ve always talked about potentially introducing keys into the band, but I’d only be able to do it if it was one-note ambient drones (which would probably fit quite well, to be fair).

In the last year or so, despite the restrictions and limitations, a lot of music was released. What was your favourite album from the March 2020 – May 2021 period?

The one good thing about the pandemic is I’ve managed to listen to heaps of new music. My favourite possibly being Phoebe Bridger’s ‘Punisher’, which is one I’ve bounced back to pretty often since it came out. I’ve also loved the new Fontaines D.C. and Fiona Apple albums. I’ll probably listen to these for years and they’ll be associated with this rubbish time when we were all stuck at home.

Ally. Image credit: Static Satellites

Don’t forget, you can listen to Static Satellites’ debut EP, ‘As The Dark Unfolds’, on all streaming platforms now. And to give them a follow, head to Instagram and Facebook pronto.

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