Interview with Region

Shredding all the way to our eardrums from Devon, the three-piece rockers Region pack a punch alright. I had a quick chat with Luke, who’s given Record Weekly all the must-know details about the band…


Image credit: Region

Hello hello! How are you?

Hi, were all good thanks!

I don’t want to get too bogged down in a lockdown discussion, but how have you generally fared over the last year? What have you found most restrictive?

Yeah, it has been a little difficult but not too bad overall. We managed to release our debut single in the first lockdown and then our second single in the latest lockdown. The hardest thing for us was probably the fact we couldn’t really meet to write or practise, so that was a little annoying but we managed.

Sounds like you’ve made the best of a strange situation then! Tell us all about how you formed the band and when.

So, we met back in 2018 at an open mic where we live. And me (Luke) and Rio were playing together, as we already knew each other, and we were looking to start a band but we needed a guitarist, so in came Will! His guitar teacher introduced us and then we started playing as a trio and it went from there.

Which artists have been most influential on your sound?

For us, we’ve been influenced by loads of different artists and we never really have a set genre for our music. But bands such as The Amazons, Foo Fighters, Royal Blood, The Sherlocks and The Struts are just a few of the amazing outfits that influence and inspire us.

What’s been the biggest learning curve since first forming? 

We’ve definitely learnt to be patient when it comes to writing. We know now that it takes a few rubbishy tracks to make one song that we’re completely satisfied with!

What’s the latest with you guys and what’s in the plan for the next few months?

Well, we just released our newest single called ‘Idkwhyidkwhere’ (which is out on every platform now, so go and have a listen), which came out on 20th February, so that’s cool. As for plans over the next few months, probably just some writing, recording and practising to get ready and prepare for gigs returning soon, hopefully! Our fingers are tightly crossed.

Image credit: Region

You can hear ‘Idkwhyidkwhere’ on Spotify now, alongside Region’s other tracks. Instagram and Twitter are the best places to find them for more release and gig news.

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