‘Start Again (Stripped Back)’ — Ben Walker — Single review

Lockdown demos have proven quite the popular way for artists to connect with their truest artistic forms and waste no time in gifting their fanbase new tunes. A great example of someone who’s harnessing this is young Scottish singer-songwriter Ben Walker, who has lately released the wonderfully mellow, stripped-back ‘Start Again’. 

Walker’s powerful voice is uniquely his, but you’ll detect flickers of almost a hybrid at work, with elements not dissimilar to Jake Bugg, Paolo Nutini and even Benjamin Francis Leftwich at times. The subtlety of merely playing his acoustic guitar on this track speaks volumes, while his fervent lyrics steal the show. It’s not hard to know Walker’s going places. 

If this sounds right up your street, you can stream the new single on Spotify now. Enjoy. Social fan? You can follow him over on Instagram and Facebook, too.

Ben Walker. Image credit: B12 Entertainment

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