‘Where I’m Supposed To Be’ — Liam Hillyer — Single review

Mid-March is gaining, which means it’s almost been a year since pre-pandemic life as we knew it came to an abrupt stop. So it’s little wonder that Liam Hillyer’s latest single is a jangly, groovy pop bop that’s all about the excitement of getting back out there with your best pals. It’s uptempo and the message certainly resonates — what more could you ask for?

Hillyer’s tunes each have that classic indie-rock exoskeleton, akin to old-school bands like The Housemartins and The Lightning Seeds. Controversially, I’m not a Beatles fan at all, but it’s been said Hillyer’s style is ideally suited to people who are into them. But I’ll leave that up to your ears to judge. 

In any case, this supercharged track is a happiness-inducer, with lively chords underpinning the cheery melodies. Hillyer’s proud vocals carry through too, neatly packaging the whole single together. It’s got all the trappings of a grab-your-friends anthem best enjoyed in the sun with some cans, so get ready to keep this handy when that sought-after beer garden announcement klaxon blares…

Liam Hillyer. Image credit: Charlotte at Petty Management

You’ll find all of Liam Hillyer’s indie triumphs on Spotify and SoundCloud, so treat yourself to some joyful jams ASAP. 

Liam Hillyer. Image credit: Charlotte at Petty Management

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