‘Thought Crimes’ — Glitchers — EP review

Producing as ferocious a sound with as much firepower as two-piece Glitchers is no mean feat. The Norfolk punk band has a bone to pick with society as it is and it really comes through their booming, thrashing riffs. They’ve even had Kerrang!’s Alex Baker’s nod of approval.

Sophie and Matt, AKA Glitchers, took to the streets to play hardcore punk gigs in various places throughout summer and autumn last year, when they could. Not only did they shake up town centres with their raucous style, they set up a truck to play outside Downing Street, to demonstrate that gigs can’t just be cancelled indefinitely and that the industry needs support. This band doesn’t do things lightly!

That’s why their hell-raising new six-track EP, ‘Thought Crimes’, is such a riot. Each of these lethal bangers is politically motivated in one way or another, harnessing all the major punk ingredients: roaring chords, smashing drums and red-hot, screeching vocals. So yeah, this brilliantly masterful sound from just two people deserves hats off all round.

While each of the six supercharged tunes are top-notch, two especially stand out the most to the me. The distorted notes of ‘Keep Calm’ create a wild juxtaposition between the track’s title. A cool quirk itself. But it immediately kicks off with shouted vocals to set the tone. There’s an old-school, sort of blues-rock riff that ignites ‘Zombie Generation’, which descends into musical anarchy that matches the pulse-raising energy of the other three songs. They came to make a punk record and, woah, they did just that.

Image credit: Glitchers

And as they unleash their axe-grinding songs, they do it with their eyes on eco-friendliness — something commendable in an age where it’s necessary. All their merch is ethical, 100% recycled and locally printed. Oh, and as they’re sold for donations, Glitchers have thought of everything.

So, go on — get your ears around the devilishly feisty ‘Thought Crimes’ on SoundCloud now.

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