‘Mistakes’ — The A.V. Club — Single review

Infectiously dreamy indie-pop, with its electronic grooves and typically sugary vocals, is a genre that nobody can really fault; it’s easy to listen to, well crafted and leaves you ready for more. And that’s just the style that suits Warrington-based outfit, The A.V. Club. 

The A.V. Club. Image credit: Charlotte at Petty Management

If The 1975, Fickle Friends, Swim Deep and even Phoenix are playlist winners, you’ll want to get into the angelic tunes of this phenomenal four-piece ASAP. Plus, after such praise from John Kennedy on Radio X and a string of pop bops in 2020, they know what they’re doing alright. And here to lay on a masterclass in silky synths, they’re back with ‘Mistakes’. 

Image credit: Charlotte at Petty Management

Focusing on feelings of regret and bittersweet flashbacks, this reflective release is eerily relatable. Toe-tapping ‘80s sounds are forged together with modern dynamism and technology, spawning a really catchy tune — and one that’s even more delightful at full volume. What’s more, The A.V. Club have grappled well with the Coronavirus limitations, first recording the demo for ‘Mistakes’ in a home studio setup ahead of producing it at Matchbox Studios for the final polish. 

Ready to hear it for yourself? Head over to Spotify now, and listen to the previous tracks while you’re at it. Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages for details of future projects, too.

The A.V. Club. Image credit: Charlotte at Petty Management

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