Festival dreaming

In the current climate, the thought of a glitter-sprinkled, excitement-filled, bass-fuelled festival is nothing short of tantalising. It feels like decades have passed since the last festival was on our agendas — especially in summer. For me, I was able to make the grungy Rifffest #2 almost a full year ago at Leeds’ Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, which was almost by the skin of my teeth, given all that was about to transpire. 

Right now, festivals are a beacon of hope. But we’re all trying to maintain an ounce of somewhat naïve positivity in the face of something that, realistically, might not go ahead at all. The news has recently alluded to there being talks about the cancellation processes beginning for certain festivals, which partially seems premature, though also largely anticipated. 

You’ll have seen in the interview with Stranger Chorus that Barcelona’s Primavera Sound is stuffed with all sorts of insane prospects, such as Tame Impala and IDLES, but even on a national scale, there’ll be plenty occurring, all being well. Bingley Weekender’s shouting about Primal Scream and The Libertines being on the billing, which couldn’t be more massive, while Liam Gallagher and Queens of the Stone Age are set to rock Reading and Leeds in August, too. Imagine the scenes. 

Why put ourselves through the hardship of daydreaming about festivals and even booking tickets? Simply, because we should. We want to be in the thick of these crowds, and thinking about these potential events keep the fires burning and our chins up. And, frankly, these operators, artists, promoters, technicians and many, many more experts who curate, play and manage festivals, require our support. So, while we can, let’s cross those fingers and see what happens. 

Brooders @ Rifffest #2, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, January 2020

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