New release roundup 11/12/20

Time is motoring away before Christmas and it’s hard to can’t keep up! We’ve got plenty of hot new articles for you too, but before then, here are today’s top, freshly-dropped singles.

  1. GOOD GRIEF — cleopatrick
  2. Play — Bakar ft. Lancey Foux
  3. Good — Kojey Radical*
  4. WORTH IT — Jay Prince
  5. She Knows This — Kid Cudi**
  6. Take Me Anywhere — Wuzi
  7. Her Revolution — Burial ft. Four Set & Thom Yorke

*We should’ve been at Belgrave seeing Kojey last night, if it hadn’t been for the pandemic!

**Kid Cudi’s new album is also out today, so make sure you sit down to listen to that, too.

They’re not music-related, but homemade frangipane mince pies with mixed nuts and cranberries? Yes, please!

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