Why you should join a listening group

If broadening your musical horizons is something you enjoy, I urge you to at least trial joining a listening group…

What is a listening group?

It’s a place in which music fans come together to listen to and discuss poignant albums or material that’s really gripped them. Oftentimes, group members will select a record, share the title and artist with the group, then everyone will go away and spin the choices at their leisure. They’ll then come back together to chat about exactly what stood out most, which tunes didn’t resonate as much for them, and which albums or mixes are up next on the agenda. It’s got a book club vibe, but it’s more absorbing and immersive, with a variety of different offerings to get stuck into.

Invariably, it’s a mix of old and new that’s suggested in these groups. So you could have your ears opened to anything from 1970s classics to fresh releases that have steered clear of the charts. It’s a way to learn more and relish must-hear music without doing the sifting yourself.

Photo credit: André

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