Buy from local record stores this Christmas

With the festive season almost upon us, now’s the time for people to be getting ahead with buying gifts. The devastating fallout of the global pandemic has dramatically affected trade and businesses, so it’s more essential than ever to buy from local record stores this Christmas.

The make-or-break reality of a healthy revenue stream is something to be particularly conscious of if you’re considering ordering CDs and vinyl from major corporations or conglomerates, over and above an independent shop. And, to some extent, where you can purchase gig tickets from these vendors too, you ought to be keeping that avenue in mind as well. Right now, it’s fair to say that helping out where we can is key. 

Wherever you’re based, you’re bound to have a local record store or two. In Leeds, the old faithfuls, Crash and Jumbo, remain important businesses that we should be mindful of utilising. Again, whether it’s CDs, vinyl, tickets or combination bundles you’re after, they tend to have the lot available. 

In spite of its administration periods, HMV, something of a British institution, is still open and ready to serve you beyond the music. Film, games, tech, merch and more are also waiting in store, and the company might be bigger than your humble independents, but with it’s like a cat with nine lives that’s worth supporting in a similar vein.

Whatever you’re searching for present-wise this Christmas, it’s all the more crucial to check that list twice and make sure you’re doing your bit where you can. Not entirely feathering the nests of mass-producers could well keep your favourite stores on your doorstep afloat.

Distrikt’s Jägermeister bottle Christmas tree, 2019

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