There’s a big difference between ABBA and ZZ Top

Being brought up by parents with polar-opposite music tastes was interesting. On one hand, you had the easygoing, spirited sounds of ABBA, while on the other, there’s ZZ Top’s quintessential blues-tinged American rock. It couldn’t have been much more of a different picture per parent, with artists spanning the alphabet and covering all genres. And there was hardly a crossover. 

Among the big difference between ABBA and ZZ Top, you’ve got an awful lot of musical ground to traverse. Some of it didn’t appeal to me at all, so you had to take out of it what you fancied. 

If we start at A, Alter Bridge are a solid example of the heavy rock played regularly — and I was (and still am) keen on them. When pitted against The Carpenters, there’s a sort of whimsical wonder to their melodies, but I can’t say I connected with their material too well.

While my parents don’t generally agree on much musically, they’d both say they have favourites among the back catalogues of both Dire Straits and Eagles, though. 

Knowing that one preferred the cheesy tones of Barry Manilow while the other opted for the thrash-crash ferocity guaranteed from Metallica, you can bet agreeing on what to listen to in the evening has never been an easy task. I’ve got a lot of time for James Hetfield and the boys myself, but Barry’s never floated my boat. The same can be said for Rod Stewart, while, if you’re a regular Record Weekly reader, you’ll know I’m a big grunge advocate, so Nirvana couldn’t align better with me. 

The closer to Z you get, the more middle ground you do actually find. There’s something quite enjoyable about the progressive rock-pop fusion of Supertramp, so I’ve never snubbed that choice. Similarly, my parents went to see Paul Weller together, so he’s another that they can see eye-to-eye on. 

Perhaps it’s because of my parents’ musical leanings that I have such an eclectic taste. Or maybe it’s thanks to their yin-yang record collections that I’ve just listened to what I like and forged my own list of favourites. I wouldn’t have had things any other way, but I certainly wouldn’t have minded just a smidge less Michael Bublé…

What a contrast…

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