How to make the most of your music

Music deserves to be played loud — I strongly believe that. That isn’t just the sort of thing a metalhead says; even soulful jazz melodies and emotive orchestral pieces should all be enjoyed at a higher volume. It’s the best way to embrace the sounds and savour the moment. 

These days, technology is ever-changing in this rapidly expanding environment. No sooner than one product is brought out, another of far superior quality will hit the shelves. It’s a competitive market and can mean that acquiring the right tech for musical purposes can be a minefield. While I’m not here to recommend specific pieces of kit, I do want to give a brief summary of the means I opt for when listening to music. 

Earphones and headphones

There’s no greater sin than tinny earphones. Why subject yourself to scratchy, barely bass-enriched sounds when you could relish pure silence? It’s more favourable than a sub-par in-ear experience. I don’t want to trash Apple’s standard earphone offering, but I’ve never got on with them. There isn’t a substitute for powerful, all-bass earphones and headphones — why shouldn’t you feel like a producer in a state-of-the-art studio when you’re playing your favourite tracks?

Bluetooth speakers

When Bluetooth works, it’s the dream. To afford you the option to listen to your music library on the go or remotely, it’s worth investing in a Bluetooth speaker. They’re typically easy to pair with all devices — phones, iPads, MacBooks, etc — and there’s minimal effort and hassle in setting it up. You don’t have to buy anything bank-breaking either — just something decent quality that either relies on batteries or can be charged using a standard USB-to-lightning plug that goes into the wall. 

Hi-fi systems with speakers

For me, massive stereos with lots of buttons and big, booming speakers are unbeatable. I don’t know where I’d be without my hi-fi. It looks the part in my sitting room and kicks out a hell of a lot of noise. If you stumble upon a system with built-in sub-woofers, they aren’t half nifty. These roof-raising speakers will push your music to the next level, so I’d definitely see what’s available if you’re hoping for something with plenty of might. They’re ideal for films and programmes, if plumbed into your TV, too.

Smart TVs

Speaking of, Smart TVs are the future. It doesn’t even have to be 4K-ready, but it could be wise to select one that is. If you brush up on your tech and become nice and familiar with wires, you can easily get a good thing cooking between your devices and your TV. You might also find it worthwhile downloading Spotify or YouTube to your Smart TV, linking it up to a set of speakers and then working your way through your back catalogue of music that way. How modern is that?


Musicians, you’ll appreciate the importance of amplifiers. While you might be au fait with them during jamming sessions or simply for plugging in and shredding your riffs at home or in the studio, some amps now have the ability to be connected to devices by leads. If you can’t get your mitts on a set of speakers that you’re happy with, then this could be the next best thing. And depending on the amp you own, it may well be a more solid alternative as well! 

My Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack is for Telecaster use only

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