What’s all this about Glastonbury 2020?

The Coronavirus threat has disappeared into the ether, the sun’s blazing down, all is glittering with excitement at Worthy Farm…

Okay, as much as I wish that was our reality, it isn’t. Glastonbury 2020, which would’ve marked 50 years of the explosively eccentric festival, is off. But is it? The BBC has come out and put a strong case forward for celebrating the event virtually instead. 

Between 25th and 29th June, the magic of Glasto will be brought to our homes via the TV, BBC iPlayer, the radio and BBC Sounds. You’ll be able to take your pick from the most enthralling performances from over the decades, and not miss a beat due to long toilet queues or losing your friends in crowds. While it might not be the real deal, you can’t say fairer than that right now, can you? 

More than 60 epic sets will be at your fingertips, including ones from the late David Bowie, the Rolling Stones and even Jay-Z. There’ll be some special shows aired on the radio channel, plus a range of top audio clips will be online at BBC Sounds. So, I say get ready to grab some cans, put your feet up and pretend you’re there in person. Go on — get the dates in your diary. You know you’ve added nothing in there since March… 

Snipped image from the official BBC Music at Glastonbury webpage banner

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