Interview with 25th Hour

Locked down with no place to go? That’s about the size of it for everyone. So, while we can’t get out to enjoy some live music from up-and-coming artists, why don’t we meet them instead? I caught up (via email, don’t panic) with 25th Hour to get the scoop about life as a band.



Hey guys, it’s great to have the chance to interview you. How are you?

We’re doing good, though we’re missing gigs and getting together for practices.

Tell me a bit about yourselves. How did you meet and form? Where did the inspiration for your name come from? Do you have any quirky interests when you aren’t making music?

It was through Shae, he knew us all separately. He brought us all together for a practice and we played a few covers, and it’s been upwards from there. Some of the covers back then still appear on our set lists when we do pub gigs. 

The name 25th Hour came from Pete having a tantrum about something and claimed ‘there weren’t enough hours in the day’. It became the best suggestion we had and we’ve stuck with it.

Outside the music, we all enjoy food; we eat out together a lot. Before and probably after a gig, we eat as a band. Shae and Pete are big on football — Pete’s a football coach, which is how he met Shae and his dad. Tom’s also into football and has previously played with Pete, while Jade has horses with her family, which she looks after.


I imagine you get a lot of interviewers or reviewers likening you to other artists, but who have been your biggest influences?

Our influences can be heard throughout our music. The big four for us are the likes of Oasis, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Cranberries and The 1975. Our sound is a fusion of the rock and roll created by Oasis, intermixed with the modern elements The 1975 bring to the table.

Unfortunately, in the current climate with Coronavirus, a festival-filled summer is looking off the cards. What did you have planned? Are you able to push certain gigs back?

We’ve had quite a few gigs cancelled, unfortunately, but we usually have a very busy diary. Last year, we did more than 40 gigs in total, which was mental! So far in 2020, we were meant to have played in Doncaster at The Blacksmiths Arms, the Rochdale Food and Drink Festival, SEVEN BRO7HERS Brewing Co, and our monthly slots at Browns in Heywood and Last Orders in Swinton. 

Most notable, though, would’ve been our headline show at The Bread Shed in Manchester. However, we’re very happy to say it’s been rescheduled for 14th November! If anyone’s already bought tickets, they’ll still be valid, though you can also get hold of them via our Instagram. 


Have you dabbled in live-streaming yet or is this something you’re planning on doing?

We like what we’ve seen on the live video front — Liam Fray from The Courteeners has been doing a few streams. It’s something we’re considering for when the restrictions have been eased.

The nation’s gone nuts for quizzes, and I know I’ve been well and truly suckered in. Have you been hooked yourselves or steering clear of them? 

Yes! We’ve all been doing something. Tom’s been quizzing every week, and Pete’s done a music-based one with some of his friends, too.

Without prying too much, can you tease any new music for fans to look forward to?

Yes — not to give too much away, but we’ll be uploading a few bits, so keep an eye on our socials. Also take a look at our SoundCloud, where we’ll be posting a few early demos. The lockdown has given us loads of time to write some new material, which we’re pretty excited to share!

Check out 25th Hour’s tracks here, and you’ll be able to stay in-the-know by following them on Instagram using the link further up. 


All image credits: 25th Hour

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