Bloxx, Hyde Park Book Club

The night after I saw Flume was almost like a bonus round for gigging. I got soaked en route to Hyde Park Book Club, but man, it was worth it. Bloxx’s on-stage presence was animated, fun and super-slick, and I even met lead singer, Fee, in the toilets.

From the moment Bloxx burst on to the stage, they brought more character and energy than expected. Each and every track had all the might of heavy rock at its finest, so their playful indie undertones were amplified with feisty, riff-driven oomph.

Between big hair, all smiles and one gorgeous red-and-white telecaster, the band came into their own. They really got the crowd jumping with catchy latest single, ‘Go Out With You’. But they did the back catalogue justice, too — ‘Headspace’ was uber-punchy, which totally got my vote. You could tell they enjoyed playing ‘Coke’ and ‘Your Boyfriend’ in particular, plus ‘Monday’ and ‘Novocain’ were appropriately riotous as well.

Bloxx rounded it off spectacularly, with ‘Curtains’ the most ferocious yet. The angst is palpable when heard through earphones/headphones, but it was something else in person. It was a lasting, surmising note for the gig: infectiously loud.


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