DJ sets from major bands: are they worth it?

As part of my birthday celebrations back in February, I secured a group of friends of mine and I some cheapy £5 tickets to a Jungle DJ set.

Now, I’m a big fan of the soulful electronic group, so when I saw that a couple of them would be swinging by Headrow House for a post-proper gig set, I was sold.

Obviously I wasn’t expecting a low-key rehash of all their own tracks, which they’d just played in front of a larger crowd, but is the odd one or two enough? Surely to kick things off, a couple of a band/artist’s bangers should be on the set list?

I can recall some actual Jungle melodies that night, but it was more an excuse for them to spin old-school beats, quirky mash-ups, anthems. You know the drill.

Would I go to one of these DJ sets again? Probably. It tops a club night, and there’s also less danger of some token ABBA or Dolly Parton on the decks, “for the lols”. Would I opt for tickets to the main event next time? Undoubtedly. That goes across the board, though Jungle are still on my list…

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