Blast from the past: Kanye’s 2007 ‘Graduation’

In the aftermath of Kanye West’s devilishly explosive Glastonbury set of last night, I thought it topical/fitting/a bloody good idea to have a glance back to some of his earlier offerings.

Although Kanye’s a power hungry, arrogant so and so, that doesn’t count for 24/7; despite his latest works (Yeezus) not necessarily being the most outstanding, groundbreaking albums to date, his rap ability has never been in question. At any point. Certainly, his unapologetically egotistical nature might satisfy on a humourous level, but this man is absolutely talented.

During his Glastonbury performance, Kanye really blew the roof off (so much so, he was in the air at one point – please Google if you do not follow). He ran through a really captivating selection of tracks, which one might not have expected, given that half of that crowd could have been hipsters in face paint, only familiar with 2013 onwards. This, of course, included inviting the spellbinding Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) to the stage – obviously, I was further gripped then. However, his decision to cast the mic back to his older collections was especially pleasing from my point of view.

Of all the classics he whipped through, Yeezus himself really set it all alight with tracks from 2007’s Graduation; one of my favourite belters of the bunch being Can’t Tell Me Nothing. Not only was his presence on stage during this track electrifying, but it was lyrically accurate, as though he almost peeped into his future those years ago.

Kanye definitely got his money right, it seems.

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