Death Cab For Cutie – Kintsugi

Finally, my thirst for soft alternative-grunge (is there a true genre for this beauty?) has been quenched; the chaps who gave us ‘Grapevine Fires’ are back, and immediately deliver with album-opener, ‘No Room in Frame’. Such a mellow, thought-grabbing introduction is met with a more typically rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere in ‘Black Sun’, marrying light electronics with slow-paced drums. It’s gentle but exciting, all at once.

Even within mere minutes of listening, I already know the remaining nine tracks will be a success. My hunger for more elegant, but aggressive, grunge guitar riffs in this decade is met somewhat effortlessly here. ‘Little Wanderer’ begins with a slightly Silversun Pickups-esque melody, which transcends the tranquility of ‘Hold No Guns’, but the delicately plucked strings don’t steer me away; this is just as excellent but on a much more staggered level.

Accidentally in the style of Desire, ‘Everything’s A Ceiling’ is that bit more generic, but satisfies the bridge between mild electronica and discount indie, but it’s still enjoyable, just that bit less thunderous than some of the first batch from ‘Kintsugi’. ‘Good Help (Is So Hard to Find)’ is the more feel-good, upbeat of the bunch, and adds another great element to this clear winner.

Simply save it to your Spotify account if you must, but if you’re a ’90s child or teen from that age and preferred Pearl Jam and Soundgarden to most of the other bands of the period, you should probably part with some cash for this. Absolutely cracking.

If you only download one track, let it be: ‘Black Sun’ 



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