‘Start Again From Nothing’ — Coping — EP review

For those of us who hung up our studded belts but still savour that musical nostalgia going into our thirties, this brand-new EP from Coping presents a one-way ticket to an emo revival. The five-track record is a fine example of the sounds of the mid-naughties, when raw, post-hardcore riffs were having a major moment. And make no mistake, as it’s full of plenty of those, this release wouldn’t be out of place on a Kerrang! compilation. They did share a stage with While She Sleeps, after all.

It opens with the mighty ‘Ulcers’, which dropped initially as a single on 29th March. It’s bubbling with angst and vocals that express anguish, but the ferocity of the guitars and well-paired drums supplies that oomph that was so typical of the emo genre in its heyday. That’s why it’s particularly cool that this is a new endeavour for the band, in an era when churned-out pop seems to rule the roost. 

But that’s them just getting started — Coping come into their own even more on the second track, ‘Early Morning’, where they raise the game further with those quivering, tapped strings. The roaring, thunderous mid-section of the offering sees the title tune, ‘Start Again From Nothing’, and ‘Scars’ penetrate further with those hard-hitting verses that go next-level when their corresponding choruses land, and screamed lyrics. 

It wouldn’t be earnest pop-punk without an anthemic finale, ‘Product of Myself’, which fans have been streaming since March last year, absolutely nails. So if you’re game for an alternative resurgence, press play.

You’ll also find Coping playing an EP launch show at The Key Club on 8th July — head to their Instagram and other socials to learn more and have a listen.

Artwork courtesy of Coping

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