The rise of concerts by candlelight

The Record Weekly gigging circuit has been unusually quiet recently, but it’s allowed me to turn my attention to other, somewhat more niche events taking place across Leeds and beyond. Curated by Fever, there’s been a series of concerts set to candlelight that has offered orchestral tributes to various artists…

Left Bank Leeds

Through violins, pianos and light percussion instruments at most, goosebump-inducing odes to greats such as Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Hans Zimmer and Ludovico Einaudi have proved popular, while renditions of more modern artists, including Coldplay, have pricked up younger ears.

When you’re seated in churches and cathedrals for these unique performances, you can’t help but embrace the tranquillity and stirringly emotive sounds projected over the flickering of candles. They’re quite a magical experiences, so if you have the opportunity to attend one or two, you really should jump at it.

Manchester Cathedral

Please note: this article is not unaffiliated with Fever or related press coverage

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