‘Stereo Mind Game’ — Daughter — Album review

Ten years after the release of their first album, ‘If You Leave’ — which had me spellbound within seconds of its hauntingly hypnotic nature — Daughter’s ‘Stereo Mind Game’ has arrived. Upon reading that they’d dropped a new record, I began fumbling around for my headphones. And I can safely say it’s another set of wistful, watertight hits.

2013 saw Daughter emerge among my new band discoveries. They served sombre, Benjamin Francis Leftwich vibes, with the gentlest female vocals, making them a slick act to pierce into the indie scene. It’s that niche that they still deliver now, a solid decade after their initial foray into full-length offerings.

It’s by the by that ‘Be On Your Way’ made it onto the latest series of Made In Chelsea — a fact I shouldn’t really admit to knowing — but it’s also not surprising, because its delicate tones revealed it as the proper album opener, after ‘Intro’. But then, they raise the tempo with thumping drums and guttural bass on ‘Party’ and the proceeding ‘Dandelion’, the tune I’d pinpoint as my standout. It’s fearlessly reflective and addresses modern, message-me-back themes, and those drums, again, just coat it with a rockier edge. If you skip one from ‘Neptune’ (a very subtle piece you need to rewind to afterwards), the same style applies on ‘Swim Back’.

Further winners come in the forms of ‘Junkmail’, ‘Isolation’ and ‘To Rage’, which have mellow sensibilities that you can enjoy both in the background while errand-running, as well as loudly blaring from your speakers. That’s just how Daughter nail it; by keeping our ears flitting from the tranquil and melodic to the pacy and dark.

If you only download one track, let it be: ‘Dandelion’

Original artwork via Spotify

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