Interview with Terra Twin

The 2023 forecast is bright and scorching for Terra Twin, a quartet you need to check out right this minute…


Hey hey, how are you?

I’m good thanks. I’m about to go into studio to finish some vocals for a new track. 

Introduce us to all things Terra Twin — how did it all come about?

Terra Twin started out as a bedroom project. I did some home recordings and showed them to my friends and they reacted positively. We kinda grew organically from there and now it’s a four-piece. 

What have been your highlights so far, in your music career?

I think selling out our first headline show has been the highlight so far. 

How has your latest single, ‘Nightshift’, been received?

The ‘Nightshift’ release has been going great. Hearing people sing along to our single at our headline show was insane. It’s definitely given us more confidence to release more music. 

Can you share any teasers about other upcoming singles or plans for the next few months?

We’re in the studio with James Dring recording an EP at the minute. Hopefully we’ll release another single before the summer!

Image courtesy of Zeitgeist Agency

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With thanks to Shannon at Zeitgeist Agency for organising the interview.

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