‘Useless’ — Amen Sioux — Single review

Documenting a turbulent courtship in a jaunty, edgy fashion, Amen Sioux returns with the dream pop bop, ‘Useless’. It’s the fourth single to drop from the artist, and their first entry for 2023.

With a taste of tropicana-esque indie at its centre, this is a very palatable, easy-to-listen-to track, despite its self-deprecating lyrics. And as it verges on RnB in some of its styling, you can glean that a fair few modern inspirations must’ve been poured into its creation. That said, it’s actually got a 2010s Friendly Fires funky feel to it, for me.

Eager to give this a spin for yourself? Head to Spotify and other streaming platforms now.

Image courtesy of Latch Media

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