Wolforna, Lending Room

In early December, Wolforna emerged for their final show of 2022, and they didn’t hold back…

The fashionable foursome (mostly down to Theo’s trademark gig kimono) rocked Leeds’ Lending Room with a 13-song set that received a warm response from the audience (with some in the front row more excitable than others!)

The boys started in style with a hard-hitting, as-yet-unreleased track that included some electrifying guitar and bass lines and crashing drums. This lit the fuse on the evening, which carried with it a variation of powerful hits mixed with a splash of more harmonious and emotive moments. 

Getting into stride, the lads played some new crackers alongside classics like ‘Broken Bones and Gritty Fights’ and ‘Writing On The Walls’. The latter featured stellar lead guitar parts with a punchy beat and strong vocals, yet it had a smooth, more relaxed sound compared to the first few tunes. And one of the other newer tracks (to be revealed) had a reduced focus on guitar from frontman Jack and it provided a larger emphasis on bass from Alex and strong drum beat from Theo. In particular, the track provided a clashing, asynchronous instrumental section that supplied enough angsty vibes to last a while. 

Later on, the tempo got slower and introduced honey-like guitar lines and a drop of subtle and sweet harmonies between Jack and Adam. A little while after, you got a serve of that ironic Wolforna humour via Theo, which seemed to jigger the crowd, as he announced they had “some great new t-shirts, and we now accept card!”.

The boys finished with their latest single, ‘Reset’, which included exciting ups and downs and ended with some seriously heavy, mosh-worthiness. And then, after a short course of “one more song” from the happily giddy crowd, Wolforna cracked out the seasonal headwear and festive spirit with the old fave, ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ — punk rock running through the veins, of course. 

I personally can’t wait to see where these four go in 2023, and highly suggest that you check out their music before 2022 comes to an end.



Guest gig review contributed by Lucy Goodfellow

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