‘Reset’ — Wolforna — Single review

Take it from me, I’m best qualified to say this ferociously hypnotic new track from Wolforna will flood your ears and get under your skin. Back in August, I walked into the band’s studio and was hit with this huge riff that got lodged in my head for days, and that was how I knew that ‘Reset’ was going to be an absolutely bombastic rock anthem… 

This is the Leeds-based four-piece’s second offering of 2022 and it navigates a transformative journey through the ebbs and flows of anger. It musically represents the phases of rage, with calmer portions that build into one crashing solo — a smart and powerful technique that Wolforna are never afraid to employ, but it just explodes even more so on ‘Reset’. 

You can bet it signals a heavier direction for the lads, and it’s simply another way that they’re cementing their place in Yorkshire’s emerging rock scene. This year, they’ve been very much in demand, and that desire for promoters to book them clearly isn’t slowing. But after all, that’s the beauty of an impressive work ethic and sheer refined skill. 

Looking for your new favourite band? Call off the search this instant. Head over to Spotify to spin ‘Reset’ (again and again). 

Image credit: Wolforna

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