Interview with Fuzzy Sun

A band really making waves right now is Fuzzy Sun, after recently releasing new material and signing to a label. Read all about it below…


Hey guys, how’s it going?

Hello there. Yeah, it’s going good thanks. We’ve just been gearing up for our latest release and writing a load of new tunes.

Congratulations on signing to Modern Sky! How does it feel to be on the label’s roster now?

Cheers, yeah, it feels brilliant. Nice to know the hard work is paying off.

Give us a brief history of Fuzzy Sun then — when and where did you all meet? And how did everything start to take off?

We actually formed from a dying star in the outer rim of the Milky Way galaxy, and arrived on Earth encased in a meteor, which eventually landed. Once we hatched on Platform Number 9, we knew it was our destiny to form the band…

I mean, like they say, it was written in the stars. So things just started to progress from that moment on.

Which bands and artists have been the most influential on your sound?

I don’t think there are just a select few; we’re constantly listening and learning and the influences can change. I’d like to think we’re bringing in lots of different and new things all the time, as that’s how we progress as a band. Otherwise, we would just be writing the same things over and over again.

I think we might need a podcast to go into who has been most influential on us; there are little things from everywhere. We also all have different tastes, which is what ends up amalgamating into our sound.

How has your latest single, ‘Money’, been received?

It’s gone down really well so far, and fingers crossed we can get it out there to more and more people so they can enjoy it, too. Jack Saunders from Radio 1 gave it a spin and had some lovely things to say about it, and all the fans seem to be digging it. So yeah, decent.

Can you tease what’s next, in terms of upcoming gigs and plans?

Well, not even teasing really — we have the rest of this EP coming out over the next two months, so you can expect more songs. We have also set up an intimate Manchester show to coincide with the EP at Deaf Institute on 11th November, which has sold out. We’re really looking forward to that, to get the new tunes into a live setting. We have a few cool things in the pipeline for that show, too.

Also, we have a remix of our latest single coming out by a very cool band that we very much love… All I will say on that front is, it may take you to the distant past. So, we’re super-excited to get that out.

And going on from that, we’re starting to write/record our debut album, which is what we’ve been working towards since day one. So all exciting stuff!

Image credit: Sara Carpenteri

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With thanks to Pete at Dead Sound Management for organising the interview.

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