Artist spotlight: Boston Manor

The Blackpool alt-rockers are a month away from supporting the mighty Alexisonfire on their UK tour, so I’d call this the prime time to put pen to paper about why this band are worthy of an artist spotlight feature…

I first came across Boston Manor in 2018, so they haven’t been in heavy rotation on my playlists as long as they will have been for some. But that’s okay; I’ve more than made up for those lost spins. In fact, their newer material has grown exponentially in its addictiveness. Although I used to rinse ‘Halo’, nowadays, whether I’m gymming, washing the dishes or applying my make-up in the morning, my actions are probably set to ‘Foxglove’ or ‘Algorithm’. And the fans among you will know that these are two far fresher tunes of theirs. 

There’s just something punchier about their more recent offerings. It’s as though Boston Manor light an almost electronic-tinged fuse and then sprint off from the scene of the crime, leaving these thunderous, thumping sounds in our ears. Slick.

But they’re a switched-on outfit, after all; they tap into all sorts of themes and push the tough topics to the fore. ‘On a High Ledge’ is a solid example of that, which addresses toxic masculinity and male suicide. So, while they can produce some monster tracks, they’ve also got tackling pressing issues on their radar. That makes them ones to watch, in my book.

Original image via Spotify

Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘Foxglove’


► ‘Halo’

► ‘Passenger’

► ‘Liquid (ft. John Floreani)’


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