New release roundup 26/08/22

After a few days in London, I’m refreshed and here to give you the lowdown on this week’s top belters.

  1. There’s A Light — The Amazons
  2. Weird Goodbyes (feat. Bon Iver) — The National
  3. OK — cleopatrick
  4. Money — Fuzzy Sun
  5. Are You Finished — Gallus
  6. Destroy The World (feat. Dinosaur Pile-Up) — Jaws the Shark
  7. Stick Around — The Luka State
  8. I don’t mind if you’re right — Charlie Clark
  9. Obviously — Bleach Lab
  10. 23 — More In Luv
  11. Let Me In — Two Another
Art photographed in the Tate Modern

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