‘Thick Skin’ — False Heads — Single review

A jaunty, deliriously catchy pop-rock hook leads this storming single from False Heads. It’s a pacy, addictive offering that nails every element, from its chunky, upbeat guitar melodies to its underpinning bass chords. And prepare to be swept up in those ultra-sweet vocals.

‘Thick Skin’ is a ferocious banger that commands you up off your seat and onto the floor in front of you — wherever that may be. As your toes tap and your head bops along to the massive drumbeat, you’ll be transported to a place that implores you to replay this delectable ear candy again and again. 

And just when you thought False Heads couldn’t dazzle you more, you learn that their upcoming brand-new album, ‘Sick Moon’, was produced by the one and only Frank Turner. I’d prepare for this band to become firmly ensconced in your playlist library with immediate effect. Get that ball rolling now and spin ‘Thick Skin’ on Spotify

Original image via Spotify

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