‘Binman’ — Cat SFX — Single review

‘Binman’ is the jaunty, grungy new piece from Cat SFX. It’s a compelling track that explores the toxic and unhealthy relationship with alcohol, all while employing new wave and punk sensibilities alongside a style that tips the group neatly into the rock genre.

It’s got a steady tempo that you can tap along to as well, but the vocals aren’t half dissimilar at times to that of Kate Bush — an iconic name who’s enjoying an inadvertent resurgence thanks to Stranger Things. The psychedelic rhythms of the instruments on ‘Binman’ are paired so well with the lyrical output, too. So it’s an offering well worth adding to your playlists.

You can spin it on Spotify now, and swing by Instagram to give Cat SFX a follow while you’re at it.

Image courtesy of Sonic PR

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