Long Division Festival 2022 Preview

Long Division Festival is back for 2022 and it’ll be taking over the speakers of various venues around Wakefield on Saturday 11th June. It’s a day-long showcase of extraordinary talent, whether it’s emerging fresh from the folds in music’s gift-giving hands or the acts have been on the block for some time. 

You’re bound to recognise some of the names, but here’s the lowdown on a list of the big hitters in the eyes — and ears — of Record Weekly… 

Image via Hanglands

Low Hummer

The Yorkshire six-piece have been doing the rounds for a little while now, building in hype and gaining momentum across the garage-rock and indie scenes. Their quirky sounds and uber-deft instrumentals leave you wanting more with every hook.

Sea Power

Arty, conceptualised rock that’s set to lure in quite the trap of fans. They’ll be supporting none other than Manic Street Preachers the day after, so catch them with a headline slot fresh, electric and atmospheric at the event. 

Field Music

There’s a soft playfulness to Field Music, who I sometimes can’t help but get Simon & Garfunkel vibes from (particularly on ‘Someplace Dangerous’). They’re an essential outfit to come and groove to. Good times guaranteed. 

The Clockworks

Dark indie-rock that’s hard-hitting, ferocious and oh-so addictive? The Clockworks are making waves right now, so catch them before they inevitably get even bigger. Don your comfy shoes so you can have a mosh if the mood takes.

The Howl & The Hum

Indie anthems galore? Oh, you can count on it from The Howl & The Hum. Catchy melodies are pumped into their tunes, so they should be top of your itinerary. They belong on the LD ‘Hall Of Fame’ — pun very much intended. 


Five female rockers from Leeds make up VENUS GRRRLS’ feisty composition. There’s an ethereal yet haunting tone to their material, which is sure to grip everyone who attends their set. And revel in those ‘80s-esque nods.


Looking for lo-fi? You’ve got mail. Their sweet-sounding name isn’t even half as delectable as their tracks, which are for the chilled rockers out there. They claim they’re for Power Rangers and Salvador Dalí fans, too.

Fiat Lux

There’s something a bit Depeche Mode or Blancmange about Fiat Lux. I can’t deny they’ve selected a strong moniker, but their bop-along-to electronics are what it’s all about. Shake up the festival’s indie pace with their blend.


London-born, Yorkshire-residing ingredients all kneaded together seamlessly in a post-punk fusion? They’ve got the head-banging side of things sorted. Let your hair down as you get sweaty in a DEADLETTER pit.


Glaswegian two-piece? You don’t need to twist my arm. These so-called laptop rockers strike me as a newfangled Scottish answer to Blur, with more than a healthy dollop of Gallus in there as well. Winner.

deep tan

Experimental, driving riffs and frantic individualism have been tipped into deep tan’s brazen blend. Between the three of them, they achieve a minimalist approach, but they’re among alternative’s most exciting groups.

Van Houten

Enter Leeds’ avant-indie, rock ’n’ roll quintet, Van Houten, which just so happens to feature a former colleague and pal of mine. They’re well-known around the Headingley circuit, so come and get acquainted.

Sunflower Thieves

I first caught Sunflower Thieves at Long Division Festival last year, and I’ve since been immensely taken by the Julien Baker-style, stripped-back dream-folk leanings of Amy and Lily. They specialise in lump-in-your-throat stuff.


Get ready to witness some serious shredding — it’s what PLEASURE CENTRE do best. You’re in for a wild and absorbing encounter when you see them — especially when they wheel out ‘Opener’. It’s lethal.

There are so, so many talented acts on the billing, so make sure you check out the full line-up ahead of going here


Please note: press access is with thanks to Hanglands

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