‘Tiptoe’ — BEX — Single review

Hailed as “punk’s newest daughter”, 19-year-old BEX has released her first single and, despite its name, it’s more of a full-throttle launch into music than a ‘Tiptoe’…

Boisterous, bossy and brazen — the adjectives could continue. But there’s one thing for sure: this debut slaps. It’s a kick-ass foray into the thriving alternative rock scene that’s revelling in its present popularity.

While the teen has an off-books repertoire that spans film directing, fashion design and, rather fittingly, music production, her hell-raising track evidences how mighty bright her future is. She’s already got the social following to back that. It’s the sort of tune you’d imagine hearing from someone who’s been doing the rounds in the industry for some time, too, and her pipes emit a deliriously hypnotic tone that reminds me of Coach Party’s harmonious vocals.

The furious ferocity of this youthful song is bound to boost BEX into the stratosphere, as it still encourages lots of thoughtful introspection amid its raucousness. It’s one that’s for fans of The Pretty Reckless.

Artwork via Sonic PR

Eager to skip straight to spinning it? Go on over to Facebook and Instagram now et voilà.

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