‘Relax, blabla’ — BSÍ — Double single review

Curating a track in the 21st century is a tough task. The competition is high and constructing special, non-generic music is a talent in its own right. But Iceland’s BSÍ manage it so well and venture into that vibrant sound we don’t hear often. The pair are now back with a new two-sided offering, ‘Relax, blabla’, which consists of two contrasting tracks, ‘Jelly Belly’ and ‘New Moon’.

Credibility is a great tool alongside a single. Recorded and mixed by Árni Hjörvar, bassist for the internationally-known band, The Vaccines, this two-pronged expression hits with experience and brilliance behind it.

Artwork credit: Silla Thorarensen

You can almost hear the inner Vaccines within ‘Jelly Belly’. Keeping a consistent tempo and triggering quite the translucent effect to a listener, the track is a feel-good entry. Clangs can be heard throughout, which just add to the overflowing infectiousness of the single. It’s a convertible-roof-up tune that has a warm, comforting approach yet it jabs at you with nostalgia that you can’t quite figure out. Bands such as Yard Act and Wet Leg spring to mind.

The song also features a lyrical sheet that explores the agony of toxic relationships. The fast-paced nature of it assembles the idea that life may seem quick during these moments, yet it sends you into a swirling storm of past traumas and anguish in one straightforward indie tune.

‘New Moon’, meanwhile, is a calming trip to the beach that writes to the listener’s ear. Its smooth wake-up call adds that extra bit of spice, too. The contrast between the two songs is very interesting indeed.

So, don’t be late to the trend and start streaming ‘Relax, blabla now. En route to that, you can also give BSÍ a follow on Instagram.

Photo credit: Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia


Guest review contributed by Daniel Caddick

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