‘Careful’ — Kamora — Single review

Reckless behaviour, too much partying, poor judgement, endless temptation… all these vices are at the core of Kamora’s sensational latest single, ‘Careful’. This killer track is dripping with summer vibes thanks to its uptempo melody, but it also serves as excellent proof that these lads can do soft acoustic numbers and fast-packed rock anthems at the flick of a switch. 

The upbeat intensity is laid on in spades by the catchy guitar hooks and vocal chants, which merge to make this tune such an indie banger. It certainly shines among the latest output from Scotland’s most talented emerging bands. 

So, go on, get streaming ‘Careful’ on Spotify now. Swing by the lads’ Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages to give them a follow and check out their next gig dates.

Image artwork via Kamora

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