‘Tongue-Tied’ — Oh Romance — Single review

You know when you simply can’t get someone off your mind? Oh Romance’s fourth single, ‘Tongue-Tied’, is one expertly packaged nod to just that. And so, the smartest part is, they’ve fashioned a tune that you absolutely can’t shake from your head either.

You can bet that this belter conforms, as standard, to the band’s playful blueprint you’re predisposed to expect from their name. Steady verses ascend into fast-paced choruses in this deftly delivered new banger, recorded with Ewan Simpson at Mark Morrow Audio in Leith.

It’s a song that’s symbolic for many reasons; not only is it their first offering with a title that begins with a letter other than ‘A’, it also sparks the triumphant turn of their career as a four-piece. This synth-free scorcher signals a shift in direction for their sound as well; you’ll detect nothing but wall-to-wall guitars typical of pure, classic rock and roll.

‘Tongue-Tied’ is a masterclass in how the band leave no instrument unheard. Notice the bass in its thumping, commanding place throughout, and it’s even championed further into the track, where the drums do most of the talking. I’ve expressed this before, but they really do provide the backbone of this unit.

Everything’s so impeccably in sync on ‘Tongue-Tied’. The rhythm guitar is reliably on point, while the lead serves up solo-esque riffs and licks that are fluid and add layers of excitement. You can completely tell that these boys understand the importance of building out a song and ensuring every element has an integral role.

Eager to give it a spin? I thought as much. Head over to Spotify now, and get following Oh Romance on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, if you aren’t already. They’ve got a string of shows lined up for 2022 — some announced, some not — so don’t move a muscle. When you see the bandwagon swing past, jump on it and get to know…

Artwork: Caravan Stroom

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