‘What Do You Know?’ — hvsk — EP review

The alt-pop/rock trio from Perth are back with their first EP since 2019. And as it’s armed with some of their tastiest, feistiest material yet, you ought to ask yourself, “what do you (really) know about their sound?”

While the pandemic stunted the gigging growth of every band on the planet, it did wonders for putting pen to paper musically. hvsk are another outfit that’s benefitted from the slowing down of the clocks in that regard, and so the four tracks here on this short collection do a tidy job of lyrically journeying you from an up to a down and back again. And repeat. They don’t just pose the pressing questions about mental health, but whether that someone might actually fancy you back, too…

Fans will recognise ‘Stay Another Night’, which has rightfully earned its place on here, as the third offering. But if we press play right at the beginning, the treats start from the off. There’s a raw, dramatic, very bluesy edge to the meaty riffs that kick ‘What Do You Know?’, the title track, into gear. The searing vocals are distorted to give it extra oomph as well. This is sheer, lose-your-mind-to-it rock that you’ll want to spin over and over. Wow. 

Naturally, you then get the oh-so-anticipated, dreamier synth-pop sensibilities on ‘Lie With Me (Again)’ — the sort that remind you of hvsk’s older material, such as ‘Surreal’. Then, to cap everything off, ‘Tonight’, the finale, is a bit of both in terms of styles. It’s got funky bass sections, stabbing yet soft drums and echoing vocals that are totally in unison with the elongated guitar licks. 

Ready to give it a play? Hop across to Spotify now, and be sure to follow hvsk on all their socials while you’re there. 

Photo credit: Ailsa Rose Patterson

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