‘Learning to Live’ — RIVAL SAINTS — Single review

’Learning to Live’ is the steady, pulsating second single from Scotland’s RIVAL SAINTS, a band formed by three childhood friends, Alex McNutt, Ewan McDonald and Mikey Chang. Their style is heavily inspired by 1980s pop, and just picture their aesthetic, against a raw backdrop of post-industrial landscape that suitably fits their slightly edgy leanings. What a niche to have.

The video for this track has been out since 18th February. But you can now digest and enjoy the layers and textures of its electronics, complementary guitars and slick vocals for yourself via audio. 

Yet again, RIVAL SAINTS’ DIY tendencies are showcased, as the piece was produced by Alex in their warehouse Glasgow studio. And when you watch the video, you’ll notice that it’s accompanied by visuals art-directed by graphic designers Mike and Ewan. It’s a completely humble, self-sufficient attitude to music, to their absolute credit. 

The slow yet somewhat peaceful, oh-so-melodic track is out to stream now on Spotify. Give RIVAL SAINTS a follow on Instagram if you haven’t already, too. 

Image credit: RIVAL SAINTS

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