Interview with Spangled

Jangly indie-rockers, Spangled, paused their daily goings on to chat about what’s on the agenda this year for the Manchester outfit. Go on, have a read…


Hiya guys, how’s it going?

It’s going pretty bloody well at the moment; we’re ready for a big year. Lots of exciting things happening: gigs, new music all that good stuff. World domination as well, probably.

Haha yes, gents! What’s the general mood around 2022 then? Sounds like you’re ready to get cracking!

Euphoric trepidation, in all honesty. After the past couple of years, who knows how the year’s gonna pan out? But we’re definitely optimistic.

Let’s take it back to the beginning then — when and how did you form Spangled?

There’s this amazing (and quite magical) place called a ‘pub’ and a marvellous substance called ‘beer’. Me and Jamie indulged in that combination one night, and Spangled was born. It was more of a joke at first but then, as we started to practise, we began to take it more seriously and thought, “we can probably do alright here”. When we got Nathan and Niall in, we knew the line-up was perfect. We all love each other to bits and work really well together.

Describe your sound in three words.
Funky, psychedelic rock.

Who inspires you the most?

We’re a mixed bunch, so it’s quite hard to pin it down, and we’re always changing our influences. But being from Manchester/Wigan, it’s hard not to be inspired by some of the best north-west bands like The Beatles, The Stone Roses and The Smiths.

What were the biggest impacts on the band during the lockdowns?

We missed practising together, but it was replaced by writing an absolute bucketload of tunes. So probably not a bad thing.

Can you share any upcoming news for the immediate future?
Oh yes indeedy. We’ve got our debut tour around the corner, which kicks off at the start of February. And our debut EP is coming out on 4th March (and it’s like extremely good, proper good, amazing, mind-blowing… just listen).

Then, to celebrate completing these, we’re doing a massive headline show in our hometown Manchester at Night People with This Feeling on 11th March!

Nice one! How giddy are you about all these shows then? One’s in Glasgow on 25th February as well, isn’t it?

It is, yeah. And ‘giddy’ is an understatement. We’re ready to smash the gaff up. Not in like a vandalism sort of way; just the “Jesus Christ, this music is pure energy and everyone’s going mental” kind. It’s awesome to have the opportunity to play such an iconic venue and Glasgow has been on the wish list since the start.

Image credit: Spangled

Spangled are on the cusp of some very fun plans, so be sure to catch them at a gig near you and follow them on Instagram and Facebook in the interim.

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