Interview with The Frontiers

Want to meet some up-and-coming Scottish rockers? Of course you do…

Image credit: The Frontiers


Hey guys, how are you doing?

Hi Imogen, we are doing great. Hope you’re keeping well.

I’m grand, thank you! How are you feeling about 2022 generally then?

We’re feeling really positive for 2022. We have some great gigs lined up, alongside the release of our new single, ‘Life in Stage’, which should be released around 25th February.

Excellent stuff. So then, when and how did you get into music?

We all went to school together and started the band in our fifth year at Cumnock Academy. Myself (Keir) and Ross also went to the same guitar teacher, too, so we knew each other well.

We decided that there was no point in being in a band and not gigging, so we ventured into the local pubs and it went from there.

Describe your sound in three words.

Hard, original rock.

How did you get on during the lockdowns? What were the biggest impacts on the band?

It was tough not seeing the boys during lockdown and not being able to jam together. So, we decided to write, record and mix our song ‘Daydream’, which talks about lockdown to a certain extent. It was a good experience doing everything ourselves and was a great project to keep us busy during hard times.

Sounds like you made the best of a rubbish situation then, good on you! Can you share any upcoming plans or releases we can expect early on this year?

As I mentioned, our latest song, ‘Life in Stage’, will be released on 25th February. We had a great experience recording with Jamie Holmes (former drummer of The Lapelles). Jamie worked with Gerry Cinnamon on his single ‘Sun Queen’. So it was ace to work with someone well-known in the music industry.

You’re due to support Spangled at Broadcast, Glasgow, with This Feeling promoting it. How buzzing are you already for this event, conveniently on 25th February?

Yeah, it will be a great night for the single launch. We love playing for This Feeling — they’re such a great company and promote really talented bands. Their gigs are always well run.

Image credit: The Frontiers

Can’t wait to hear the new tune? Head to Spotify to spin The Frontiers’ previous songs now. You ought to follow them on Instagram and Facebook while you’re at it. And if you’re up for a party, grab a ticket to their This Feeling show at Broadcast on 25th February here.

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