Top 20 albums of 2021: 1-10

You’ve read 11-20 (at least you should’ve done — pop that Toblerone down and check it out now, if not). So, let me put you out of your misery and gift you my top ten albums of 2021.

  1. England Screams — Strange Bones

I know it, you know it, my Spotify knows it: Strange Bones have made electro-punk the genre of 2021. 

  1. Sticky — Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Full-on punk that gets you up off your seat. It’s like a short-but-sweet rave for proper moshers. 

  1. Call Your Mum — Goan Dogs

A sterling example of an experimental indie debut that you want to dance to over and over again.

  1. Collapsed In Sunbeams — Arlo Parks

This year’s Mercury Prize winner dazzles with poetry — and some dreamy beats — in motion. 

  1. It Won’t Always Be Like This — Inhaler

I hope the Irish four-piece do continue to make music like this. Delicious, unadulterated indie-pop. 

  1. Isles — Bicep 

Feel every bump in the road and emotional high as you groove to the duo’s electronic masterpiece. 

  1. This Time Next Year — Kid Kapichi

The Hastings rockers finally handed us their explosive alt-rock debut. Go deluxe to enjoy ‘Lucky Ones’. 

  1. Don’t You Feel Amazing? — Trash Boat

From heavy, scuzzy riffs to electronic synths, you’re in for a fist-punching frenzy of feel-good bangers.

  1. Euphoric — Calva Louise

The signature blend of alt rock and Spanish/English vocals simply cannot be executed by anyone else.

  1. For Those That Wish To Exist — Architects

If you like your metal less intense, this record’s been furnished with multi-instrumental goodness. 

Album of the year alert

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