Artist spotlight: THE HARA

Rockers, moshers, ravers… everyone’s invited to enjoy THE HARA. The genre-bending nature of the Manchester-based trio is one of the outfit’s most exciting qualities, and it means fans of all sorts of different sounds have an easy in.

I first came across THE HARA about six months ago, and I remember all the action on Instagram when they were playing Slam Dunk Festival. Their raw energy, charisma and all-black attire collectively makes them so noticeable, and the odd flash of neon colour to frontman Josh’s hair adds that signature detail.

Ultimately, and musically, you can vigorously bop your head along to their tunes, and you can even throw yourself around if you want to. They can certainly whip up a crowd and their arsenal of feisty tracks is bursting at the seams with riotous anthems in the making, too.

So far unfamiliar? Well, I’d sort that pretty rapidly and give this five a try… 

Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘Black Soul Ceremony’

‘Die in the City’

► ‘Fool & The Thief’

► ‘F.Y.I.’

► ‘Afterlife’


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