‘What I Deserve’ — Rosita — Single review

Record Weekly hasn’t had the chance to promote many R&B/soul artists yet, which is why I jumped at reviewing the gorgeous new track, ‘What I Deserve’, from Rosita.

The 21-year-old songstress’ contemporary style can quickly be compared to the angelic harmonies of Jorja Smith and Ariana Grande, while you can tell she’s has found inspiration in the classics of Lauryn Hill, too. Rosita also comes with two dazzling EPs under her belt, and she’s even supported Lucy Spraggan and Marjo Rose. Going places? Oh, you bet — this girl’s got a one-way ticket to the biggest pop playlists.

Elongated strings fade into slow, drawn out instrumentals and a slick drum beat, which provides the tempo for Rosita’s dreamy overlaid vocals. This new tune explores the emotive notions of being a Pisces that craves empowerment and self-worth. This isn’t a feisty, swaggering track that supplies a chest-puffing confidence boost, it’s a refined, soft melody, which deserves the praise its title alludes to.

You can stream Rosita’s material on Spotify now, and why not give her a follow on Instagram while you’re listening?

Image credit: Rosita

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