‘Real World’ — Wynona — Single review

If you’re on the hunt for a whole dollop of guitar-fuelled pop, you can stop your search right here, right now. ‘Real World’ is the playful, fun-poking new offering from Wynona, AKA the duo of Natalie and Rich, who began their musical endeavours in an Osaka apartment. 

The now-UK-based pair are nothing but a charismatic and dynamic force starting to gain traction. Natalie’s angelic vocals really remind me of a young Sheryl Crow on this freshly-dropped track, too. Lyrically, it’s a cliché-buster about not being able to conform to a pigeonhole, while it’s instrumentally wistful, soft and sugary all at once. 

The song was penned in the height of the pandemic, when travelling to shows and navigating the rigidly complex lockdown tier system was an issue at the fore. They even spent some time residing in a friend’s tucked-away, 19th-century Lake District country house hotel, to top it all off. While it was a logistical mishmash, there’s a contrasting certainty to how enjoyable this piece is. 

Go on — get spinning this on Spotify ASAP, and give Wynona a cheeky follow on Instagram while you’re at it. 

Image courtesy of Sonic PR

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