New release roundup 15/10/21

While most people might be all about the much anticipated brand-new single from Adele from today, the gigantic album drop from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes is the hot subject here at Record Weekly. But there have been plenty of other superb single releases of note, too…

  1. Singing Your Name — HYYTS
  2. Against The Blade — The Horrors
  3. Your Power — Inhaler
  4. Here We Go —Mac Miller
  5. Cupid’s Arrow — Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
  6. tamu’s yiffing refuge — deep tan
  7. Hannah (The Sun) — Fred again..
  8. Beautiful Life — Michael Kiwanuka
  9. A Dream I Have — Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
  10. Golden Ratio — Hayden Thorpe
  11. Habits of a Girl — Tex & The Blackcats
Snowberries and cosy candles. Why the hell not?

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